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LED Cartoon Alarm Clock Voice Control Digital Voice Time

LED Cartoon Alarm Clock Voice Control Digital Voice Time

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Fun style alarm clock
The product has 2 groups of alarm clocks to choose from, 6 groups of ringtones can be changed freely, the volume is adjusted for sleepiness, and it has a reminder function to keep your time from passing.
Voice control function
Our alarm clock has a voice-activated timekeeping function, so you can know the time without looking up, and you have good time management.
Timer night light and snooze function
The product has a timer night light with sleep, you can choose 1-59 minutes to sleep with so that you are not afraid of the dark at night; the snooze function is when the alarm sounds, press the snooze button, it can delay five minutes and then the alarm, repeat three times.
LED display
The LED display of the product allows you to clearly see the time, it can be switched with the temperature display, and the indoor temperature reminds you to know the cold and hot.
Strong endurance and sleep training
The product has a built-in 1500 mAh lithium battery, which can be used for a long time; sleep training allows you to develop good work and rest habits. At 6-18 o'clock in the day, the green light gradually brightens from dark and the light goes out in 45 minutes; the night is 18-06.00 warm white The light slowly dimmed from the brightest, and the light went out in 45 minutes.

Product model: XR-MM-C2007
Product material: ABS+PC+ silica gel
Product standard: host ×1+ Chinese instruction ×1+USB cable ×1
Rated power: 1.25W (24*0.052/LED module)
Rated current: 300mA
Rated voltage: DC5V
Battery capacity: 1500 mAh

Package Content
1* electric alarm clock
1* package box

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